Production Consultation Service


I'll be brief...

Are you about to begin production on your movie, but you still have questions to ask, or lingering problems that you simply don't have the answers to?  Do you require the assistance of a seasoned professional who has experienced everything you're going through?  Someone with whom you can just talk it out?  

Then I'm your guy. 

I will make myself available to you as your Personal Production Consultant

Trust me... production-wise I've been there and done that.  Many times over.

So, what's it gonna cost you for my help?  NOT MUCH.

Many "movie consultants" (a lot of whom have never actually even made a movie) charge upwards of $550.00 per hour for their consultation services - with many asking for a "retainer" of up to $10,000...

...Talk about squeezing your budget!  


Well, folks, I'm not a greedy man.  After all, indie filmmakers should be supportive, right?


That's why my fee is not $550.00 per hour...'s only $150.00 per hour. 


That's $400.00 LESS per hour than those other "consultants" and "experts" charge. 

No retainer necessary. 

No minimum required. 

I mean, c'mon, your loooow-budget production can't afford an expensive consultant, right? 

So, let me help you. 

I don't want to be the one who sinks your movie... I'm here to keep it afloat

So, if you require my services regarding Pre-Production, Casting, Production, Directing, Producing, Post Production, or Sales & Distribution, WHATEVER, just let me know.


I'm here to help... because it's what I do.     


To Schedule a Consultation,

or If You Have Any Questions...

Phone: 818-590-1406


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