Former Students


"This is the best (and even most fun) class I have ever taken."

Steve Wozniak

(Co-Founder, Apple Computer)


 "In the one day session Bobby Logan demystified the whole film-making process!

I won't even call is a 'class' because it was so much more."

Jason Dibler

(Student, "1-Day $99 Film School")


"Bobby was so informative and helpful, just really down to earth and a wealth of information.

He covered A to Z of filmmaking and answered any questions we could possibly have

to ask.  Anyone who wants to make their own movie and isn't sure how to go

about it would be nuts not to take this opportunity.  Bobby rules!!!"

Sera Bailey

(Student, "1-Day $99 Film School" Class)


 "I must admit at first I thought '...this is just a gimmick.'"  I mean, who can teach all you really

need to know about making a movie in one day?  But, after having taken Bobby's class,

all I can say is... 'Wow!  He did it!  He's for real!'  Honestly, he could rename it

the '1-Day $999.00 Film School' and it would still be a bargain."

Kevin Shuman

(Student, "1-Day $99 Film School")


 "Bobby's 1-day film school is the perfect inspiration for that person who loves to write screenplays

but never does anything with them. He provides you with the knowledge you need to

make your dream happen in the big leagues in a positive and down to earth way."

Ixel Madrigal

(Student, "1-Day $99 Film School")


"Terrific program!  It's great to get the inside scoop about the industry, and learn all the

ways anyone with a bit of guts can launch a film without waiting for Hollywood to discover him.

The day was well worth the price.  Hell, worth a lot more... but don't tell Logan."

Bob Ingraham

(Student, "1-Day $99 Film School")


"Bobby simply provides the information, enthusiasm and encouragement that is vital for

any budding indy filmmaker.  Eliminating the Hollywood b.s. is a great theory,

but Bobby shows you how to make it a reality."

Chad Schnaible

(Student, "1-Day $99 Film School")


"This one day seminar is better than any overpriced film school course offered anywhere.

Bobby shares his more than 20 years of filmmaking experience with you

and you leave his class feeling almost like a veteran director.

It definitely beats four years of film school at UCLA."

Tara Akinlose

(Student, "1-Day $99 Film School")


 "My experience with Bobby Logan was not only informational, but inspirational. 

He makes you see and believe you actually can shoot your film without all

the layers of negativity and naysayers out there.  I highly recommend

his course for all actors, writers and producers of every level."

Darren Reed

(Student, "1-Day $99 Film School")


 "A comfy couch, M&Ms, donuts, and all the info you need to de-mystify the

filmmaking process so you can green-light your own movie."

Pamela Kay

(Student, "1-Day $99 Film School"

2002 Nicholl Fellow for the script "Nude and Naked")


 "Taking the 1-Day film class was a great eye-opening experience.  Why not learn how to

shoot a film from the person already in the game and making successful commercial

features, versus paying 4 times as much to learn from a guy just reading about it?"

Jason L. Olive

(Student, "1-Day $99 Film School")


"Bobby Logan's One Day Film School left me truly believing that I can make a film. 

Encouraging beyond belief!"

Skin Mead

(Student, "1-Day $99 Film School")


"Bobby's class was amazing!  He packed years of film school into one day with

great practical tips that will really move me forward in my filmmaking.

Take this class!  You will be so happy you did!"

Trisha Howell

(Student, "1-Day $99 Film School")


 "With warmth and humor Bobby Logan conveys, in record time, what you need to

know in order to produce a film.  Well worth the investment of a day's time."

Glen Merzer

(Co-Author "Mad Cowboy," Student, "1-Day $99 Film School" Class)


 "Bobby is amazing.  AMAZING.  After taking the 1-Day $99 class I felt totally prepared

(and pumped) to go off and make my movie.  And his style of teaching is wonderful. 

He delivers all of his experience and knowledge with a massive dose of humor

that is so disarming, so likeable, that you wish he were family."

William T. Roberts

(Student, "1-Day $99 Film School" Class)


"Gotta tell ya ... great class experience.  This information is going to put me way ahead

of the game.  Thanks, man.  You are definitely one of the good guys!"

Joseph Caro

(Student, "1-Day $99 Film School" Class)


 "Simply the best bargain any filmmaker can possibly find.  I no longer consider

myself just a screenwriter -- I'm am now an 'about-to-launch' filmmaker."

Connie Larrimore

(Student, "1-Day $99 Film School" Class)


 "Bobby's course was packed with vital information pertaining to

film production, sales, distribution, you name it.  I highly recommend this course."

Dave Glenn

(Student, "1-Day $99 Film School" Class)


"The 1 Day Film School was everything it was cracked up to be.  Bobby answered all our

questions before we even asked them and delivered the information humorously

and, frequently, by relating his own personal experiences to emphasize or

clarify his point.  Well done.  We highly recommend it!"

Margie & Sarah Vita

(Mother & Daughter Students, "1-Day $99 Film School" Class)


"I wanted to let you know that I recently  finished my first script and already have a

production company interested in co-producing it with me.  The things I learned

in your 1-Day Film School were priceless and I firmly believe that I would not

even be close to where I am now without the things I learned -- and

all in ONE DAY!"

Jessica Rose

(Student, "1-Day $99 Film School" Class)



Friends, Associates, etc.


"Bobby impressed me as one of the most prepared directors I have ever

had the pleasure of working with... and he's a lot of fun!"

Leslie Nielsen

(Actor, "Naked Gun 1-2-3," "Scary Movie," "Airplane!")


 "Bobby creates an environment on the set that makes you want to get to work early,

and never leave.  I'd happily work with him on any movie at any time."

Corey Feldman

(Actor, "Stand By Me," "Goonies")


 "Smart.  Inventive.  And so very down to earth.  Qualities that both cast

and crew find intoxicating.  Bobby's tops in my book."

Joe Wizan

(Former President, 20th-Century Fox)


 "Simply put, he's a joy to work with.  Prepared.  Inventive.  And truly an actor's director. 

I treasure his talent and his friendship."

Linda Blair

(Actress, Oscar Nominee, Golden Globe Winner for "The Exorcist" )


 "No one knows the nuts and bolts of indie filmmaking exactly like Bobby Logan.

He's been there, done that.

Daniel Linck

(Producer, Independent Feature "Driven")


 "Bobby's course is an absolute must for anyone who wants to be in the movie business.

Although people like me don't want anymore people in the movie business!"

Danny Wolf

(Producer, "National Lampoon's Lost Reality 1 & 2")


 "Look, he's my dad so, like, I really can't say anything bad about him.

You know?  I mean, like, unless I want to be cut out of the will."

Kelly Cameron Logan

(Bobby's Daughter)



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